28 November 2010

unusual visit

I went and had breakfast and a chat with my friend, Vi, last week before work. We were still sitting at her kitchen table still after some pretty delicious pancakes with lemon and sugar when I looked out the front window to see an unusual sight. Wandering across the front lawn was a mamma duck and seven fluffy little followers. We watched fascinated as they crossed the front lawn and turned into the driveway. "They're coming to visit!" I exclaimed. They waddleded right down the drive and into the back yard.
Vi got a tub and filled it up with water to see if they'd like to stay awhile. I pulled out my phone for some photos and went to find the ducks. Of course, they're not very cooperative when it comes to giants following them wanting to take photos. Round the back shed and up the otherside the mamma duck tried to fit between two wire fence pieces and got a bit stuck. The ducklings scuttled ahead when I tried to help by going closer to scare her back out. Should have listened to that little voice that suggested I leave them be. The ducklings ran back to the driveway and the mamma duck got out and flew to them.

Bye duckies!
Not sure where they came from since there's not watery home that nearby. Oh well. Sorry for scaring you. Thanks for your delightful visit.

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Tab said...

Hopefully someone nearby had a pond in their backyard :)