30 December 2015

freedom fashion

After some cool days in the middle of summer it was delightful to stand out in the sun and feel the warmth on my skin.  I'm enjoying some holidays relaxing with my family and celebrating the Christmas and New Year season with food and laughter and games and movies.  Another week of relaxing and having fun with family and friends and I'll head back to well paid work in the neighbouring state I currently live in.

A luxury really.  A privilege that so many women don't share in.  All month I've been participating in Dressember, wearing a dress every day to raise awareness and funds for the fight against slavery.  Dressember is about standing up for the dignity and freedom of women in particular who, due to forced slavery, are deprived of so many freedoms that we take for granted.  I've chosen to only wear dresses that are either bought from a second hand charity store or ethically sourced.  The second hand option has been a bargain route to take scoring several nice dresses for $8, $5 or $3 and a little crafty tweaking.  But I went a little further with this outfit.

The dress is from Nomads which have been supplying ethical, fair trade clothing since 1989.  They are a UK company and I was able to find a dress I liked and have it arrive before Christmas.  With the British pound and Australian dollar not on friendly terms, I splurged the $100 for this on-sale dress.  However, I know the workers are fairly employed and treated well.  I was glad to finally find an ethically sourced dress that I liked and suited my shape.

The shoes are my beloved Sseko sandals I bought at a local market stall.  I loved the story behind them.  Sseko hire women in Uganda giving them the ability to save money to then go on to university.  It is very rare for these women to get this level of education without help and the stall operators also said these women get to hear inspiring talks and receive guidance for their move on to further study.  Plus these sandals are awesome.  You buy the base and then whatever ribbons you like and then the tying options are creatively endless.  Sseko Designs also have a range of other goods but I can definitely vouch for their sandals.  I've had them for about a year and a half and worn them loads and they are still going strong.  You can buy your own in Australia through 747 Products.

The necklace I bought from Destiny Threads which is the shop associated with Destiny Rescue who focus on rescuing children from sex slavery.  After rescue, they live in Destiny houses where they get the care and rehabilitation they need to grow into healthy adults.  Part of that is training in an area that will enable them to provide for themselves and their family in a healthy, honourable way.  While at the Destiny houses some participate in making jewellery to be sold to help with the funding of this process.  The range ebbs and flows so it's worth taking a look sporadically.

Knowing that what I'm wearing has benefited these women in ways that I assume are normal and to be expected but are so powerful and life-changing and encouraging for them makes me feel good that I can help with that.  It really is fairly simple to participate in ensuring people are treated fairly.

DRESSEMBER.  It's bigger than a dress!

Please make a donation
who both work to fight against modern day slavery that is still rife in our world.

31 May 2015

35 solar laps later...

Yesterday I clocked up 35 years of life.  What a privilege to be alive and to have had all these days to live!  I am even more blessed that I have been journeying with God for nigh the entirety of them.  And to wonder that He has been watching over me, walking with me and personally involved for every moment.  As I begin this next year of life, I lay it all before Him.  

My journey thus far has been vastly different from all that I'd imagined and hoped for, both in highs and lows, yet despite and through the twisted path, I appreciate all that God has done and taught me.  He's helping me grow into the fullness of who He designed me to be.  For me, the wonder is in the journey and what a journey it has been so far.  And I wonder what is to come...  

Whatever the future holds, right now I'm enjoying learning to have a more intimate relationship with God, progressively understanding myself and Him and how we fit together. Enjoying the results from the challenging lessons anyway. For those who know anything of my journey, I feel I am beginning to come out the other side of my 'valley of the shadow of death'.  I feel that God is leading me into something new, my promised land of sorts.  I'm not really sure what that is but I'll discover it along the way as He and I walk together.  It's a year for growth and blessing I think.  Challenging and wonderful times ahead.

As for the day for celebrating my life, it was a smooth and pleasant one.  I began, after opening waiting presents and cards sent from family, by taking a walk with God down to the water's edge where I sat and talked with Him.  Mid morning I set out for the day, stopping by a friend's briefly before catching up with a fun bunch who gather to play board games.  I haven't been able to make it for a while so it was great to indulge myself for an entire afternoon.  I sat down with some others to battle the Power Grid.  I've only played this game twice but both times I've won so I wasn't sure if I should risk my winning streak.  But nevermind that.  The way things flowed led me to win again.  Yay for my birthday.  Also played a shorter, more playful game called Colt Express.  I then moseyed on home where some friends joined me in the evening hours for cheese and wine.  One brought me a delicious homemade carrot cake.  Friends and food and talk for several hours was a most delightful, satisfying end to another birthday.


03 January 2015

new year, continued challenge

God spent a lot of 2014 challenging me about my “cravings and desires”.  Namely the one major one that has been with me since childhood: love—to be married someday.  I believe He asked me earlier in the year to give Him my heart, to surrender the dream—not abandon it but leave it in His care—bringing Matthew 6:33 to mind and the idea to seek Him above all.  Later in the year He more pointedly made me aware of my passive pursuit in desiring the love of a man in the hope to satisfy my heart.  I can still hear the echoes of His request: “Find your satisfaction in Me. I am enough.” 

Amongst the stressful ride of multiple sudden job changes, house moves and the in between unemployment, this has been my underlying challenge all year.  One I have notched up hours upon hours in conversation with God about.  I remind Him regularly that this is a tough thing He’s asking of me; usually followed with a verbalised expectation of help because there’s no way I can do this on my own.  Because of this I’ve been thinking a lot more about ‘singleness’ and have had some great and challenging conversations with friends.  I have a life to live and whether I am single or married, I want to learn to live well. 

Toward the end of the year I have found myself praying more often for help to be open to God and His Spirit and to walk and move with Him.  Now 2015 has rolled in and I have a whole new year ahead of me.  The first verse I read that really stands out to me is the one above.  It is my desire that this year be one I learn to walk and live habitually in the Holy Spirit, responsive to and controlled and guided by Him, that my cravings and desires be for God Himself, the only One who can truly satisfy my soul and the One most worthy of my affection and devotion.  I know this will be a constant challenge and it will be hard but I’m convinced it’s worth doing what God asks of me.

As 2015 continues to roll on, I pray that you too will know a greater wonder and satisfaction in God who loves us beyond our comprehension.