30 November 2010

a God story

In my post 'tell me a story' that I wrote just the other day, I talked about recalling our God stories. In a note at the end I said I'd share one of mine. Last night I was thinking about some of my God stories, times where I've experienced the reality and the involvement of God in my life. I thought about one in particular that sent me off on a tangent of memories and had me oozing gratitude.

In 2007 I took off on an adventure. I moved to the USA to live and work as an aupair (nanny). I met a lovely girl there who became a wonderful friend. She told me one day that before she left Germany to come to the USA she had prayed very eagerly for good friends. She said she specifically requested a friend who was Australian. I was fascinated. "Cool," I replied, "I didn't know you prayed for me." I honestly think that her prayers are the reason I ended up in that part of the USA. As I recalled this memory it made me think about how sometimes I am a part of other people's God stories. But then I realised that actually, this is my God story too. God was active in my life in getting me there not only as an answer to my friend's prayer but for my own adventure He was leading me on. Here's where the tangent began. My brain mulled over story after story of my experiences in the USA. My lovely friend, Suhra, is in almost everyone of them.

I had also prayed for friends and particularly for one really good friend. I got the best answer with Suhra. Not only was she such a joy to go adventuring around the USA with but she's the one that dragged me along to the church in San Francisco that I grew to love and now think of as my SF family. She filled my year with fun and silliness. She also encouraged and inspired me through our deeper conversations and the sharing of our God-journeys and the growth that took place. She was always there when I needed someone to pray for me too. And she also brought a level of thrilling excitement with the beginning and progression of a relationship with that guy she likes. ^^

So many awesome memories from that year. It would not have been near as good without my God-blessed friend, Suhra. And now, in a matter of months I begin another overseas adventure and will be attending the wedding of this wonderful friend. Joys longlasting!

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