28 August 2010

the wet

March 2008>> I took a walk across our local lake with family. Years of drought had completely sucked our lake dry. The lake bed cracked and solid to walk on and looking more like a paddock or field. That sun does look wonderful though. Oh the warmth! Mmm.

August 2010>> It's been a wet year. Most rain in 20years or so I think and it's not over yet. They've also routed some drains to run to the lake to help restore this recreational area. I took this photo this morning. You can see the same boatsheds and buildings as the first pic (just...) from a slightly different angle. And the black swans are back and breeding again too. Nice to see.

11 August 2010

stage two complete

Wow! Already. I was expecting this stage to take longer to come around. Stage two was the interview with Smart AuPair which I had this afternoon. I had a skype conversation with someone in Adelaide around some internet hiccups. The connection wasn't too great and half way through my laptop froze so I had to jump on dad's computer. I didn't bother trying my internet at home coz it's hopeless in the evenings. I got some of my own questions answered and answered lots of hers. It was pretty casual and we had a good chat and she said she was happy to accept me into the program.

She also said, "Just a curious question, did you know there's a well-known hotel over there called the Gellert Hotel?"
I replied, "Yeah, in Hungary right? My dad's looked it up before. Looks quite fancy."
It would be fun to go and stay there. He he.

So now the next stage in my overseas journey is completing an online course with Smart Aupair and reapplying for my passport and waiting for family matches to come for consideration.

08 August 2010

stage one complete

I got there. It's all done. I've been working on my application for the program run by Smart AuPairs for a few weeks now. It takes a while to get it all together. But it's done now. Everything collected and scanned and emailed through. How exciting! The ball is rolling. Now to await stage two.

06 August 2010

smart move

Oh yay! I'm getting quite excited again about an adventure in the UK. For a while there I was getting a little stressed as I originally planned to find a nanny job in the UK and move there of my own doing. The time has come when preparations need to begin and the idea was becoming a bit daunting. But thank you God for google search! I've found a program I can go with.

I came across Smart AuPairs and after looking through I realised that I meet the requirements. Most aupair programs only go to about 26 years old you see which puts me in the too-old category. But since the youth mobility visa for the UK goes up to 30 so does the Smart AuPairs program. They also go to other European countries but they go with the younger age group. I finally got a hold of someone in the Adelaide office the other day and fired all my questions at them and now I'm satisfied. As long as my application is excepted (and I don't see why not), I have a program to go with. It takes a lot of stress off.

The AuPair program means I have a structure to follow for getting myself ready which helps a lot. They also help me find a family and the families are screened just like I am so it's safer. They also support me when I go so that if things aren't working out they'll help or find me a new family to work for. I still have to organise my own airfare and visa but I'd planned to do that anyway so that's fine. There's also three different levels in the UK: AuPair, Mother's Help and Professional Nanny. Each level is more responsibility, more hours and more pay. I'm not quite sure if I qualify for all of them but I like the idea of having a professional nanny certificate at the end of my year. I've been working on my application the last couple of weeks and it's close to being done.

So YAY! It's all happening. Just gotta keep organising, culling and saving, saving, saving!!

01 August 2010

wait...I've grown?

There's been a few situations lately where I've found myself commenting on someone's behaviour or response and expressing my distaste only to have my listener respond with something like, "Yeah but he's still young. He's only 20."

When did I grow up??

It's wierd to consider... Looking back on the last ten years--it's been that long since I was 20 years old--not a whole lot appears to have changed. I'm still single and still finding my way. I'm not settled into a career nor do I have any great plan laid out on the table for my future albeit I have spent a year living overseas and am making moves to take off again next year. Due to my lifestyle, usually more in sync with my younger friends than the ones my age who are building careers and getting married, I often forget that I'm actually that much older than these 20 year olds.

Yet as I reflect on my life in the light of these recent situations I've commented on, I take note of the fact that I have indeed grown. I've been learning from the various experiences I've lived through and I've gained a wider range of years of perspective. I'm more mature-minded than I used to be even though I'm still quite practised at undisciplined and lazy.

I suppose it's the same with all living things; most growth is subtle.