13 November 2010

taking out kids

I rescued my sister last weekend by taking out her kids...to the playground. Particulary the 3yo who seems to get bored easily and entertains himself by getting into mischeif. They were great for me. Someone different somewhere different. I found a new playground at the same old local place. Last time I brought them here it was old and very basic. It's now a decent playground that's not falling apart.

We played at the playground for quite a while. Well Z didn't do too much. Chewed on some bark chips and watched the kids playing. There was a bunch of other kids there so lots of people to watch. I did give him a swing which he enjoyed. B liked the slide and the sliding pole and the cement tunnel. J liked the swing and cautiously climbed up the funny ladder (the red curved one in the slide pic). She was a bit scared but excited when she got to the top.
After I was starting to get a little bored hanging out there we went for a walk. There's a nice track along this area. We stopped on the bridge to look at the little fish swimming near the surface and then followed the track. We saw a digger and some horses and B had a little play in a puddle by the wayside. J wanted to hold my hand for a while but it was tricky pushing the pram along with one hand so I just stuck out a finger--which is all she usually takes anyway.

Coming back along the path we climbed a big hill. We could hear the go-karts racing around. B was interested to watch the one that was there doing practice laps. That and throwing rocks down the hill. We sat and watched for a while before heading back to the car to go home. I kept them out for near 2hrs. My sister sounded like she needed a decent break and the kids could probably use some good Auntie time. Ü


Tam said...

I had a sleep on the couch ;)

susan said...

Cute kids!