24 February 2010

officially answered

So I got sick of doing my cleaning job in November last year and also needed more work anyway so I've been looking for another job. So I made God my list and put forth my request.

I prayed for...
►A job that would work around the two nanny jobs I wanted to keep.
►Something my body could cope with (ie. not standing serving customers for hours on end).
►Part time so I get sick leave and holidays.
►No early starts (unlike my 5/6am starts for cleaning).
►Be enough work to earn the extra money I need for saving to go overseas as well as cover the cleaning job I wanted to quit.
►Something that didn't require me to work weekends--or at least not Sundays.

I prayed it would be by Christmas. Didn't happen.

I prayed it would then be by February. Didn't happen.

I kept praying anyway.

During this time I applied for other jobs, some seemingly quit good though they didn't quite meet all my requirements.

Then, a few weeks into February, I was working with one of my nanny families and the dad came home and asked if I was interested in some office work with his business.

To cut a long story short, as of today, I am officially on the books in my new job. I'm enjoying the challenge and the office type work seems to suit me pretty well. I'm thrilled to have weekends off and normal start times too, which will help me get back to a regular sleep pattern. I have one shift of cleaning left before I say good-bye!! Then I'm back to three jobs just short of full-time hours. Woohoo!

I prayed specifically, asking for God to supply partly so that I could see proof that He does care about me (I told Him that). While He didn't fit my timeline, I don't mind that I had to wait a little longer because He orchastrated this new job to meet every one of my requests.

Isn't He good!? ^^