21 December 2009


My, my. It's been an eventful day and it's only just past noon!! I've already had a bit of a cry and a few chuckles. I'm sure thankful for fast, automatic reflexes. At work this morning the 4yo was playing with a little slinky and being silly he flicked it at me. Unfortunately for me he was close and it struck me hard in the eye. I grabbed my eye saying that it really hurt. I got up to go check it in the bathroom mirror and the 2yo followed me suggesting a tissue on the way. My eye was ok, appart from the pain and sting of the thud, thanks to those reflexes. Boy, it hurt! Thus the cry. Sort of. My eyes watered though I kept from actually crying. It was sweet to look down and see the serious concern and compassion on the 2yo's face. I smiled at her and told her I would be ok when she asked. I went and found the 4yo. He'd hid. I didn't yell at him coz he obviously realised the seriousness and that he'd really hurt me. I suggested he not flick it at anyone again.
The 4yo later supplied me with a chuckle though. I gave the 2yo a tissue to blow her nose which she did. "No," said the 4yo, "you gotta do a big blow like this." He then did a big blow himself. Only, he didn't have a tissue so he just sent the snot stringing down to the ground. "Eww," I laughed, "I'll get you a tissue too." Ha ha ha.
And call me crazy, but I chuckled when I was almost home too and noticed that the police in the middle of the street were doing random breath tests. They waved a few people through and then stopped me. He he. So I did a breath test...with no worries. Then I drove along two more houses and pulled in. Funny.
So with the weather warmer and waiting for a friend to arrive for our hotdog lunch, today is turning into a pretty fine day. ^^

20 December 2009

livin' up the holidays

Oh yeah! This is the life. Ah, I sat down yesterday just after lunch with a book, some bikkies and a chai latte with the Christmas tree sheltering all the presents I'd just finished wrapping. Lovely. I read all afternoon. I only stopped to get ready for work. After about one and a half hours of work, once the kids were in bed sleeping, I read some more. It was a blissful day.
Hope you have some days like this. Ones you can relax and soak up. Ü

17 December 2009


I haven't been hanging out online as much lately, thus the elongated gaps between posts on my blogs. Christmas is almost here and in between the bit of work I have I've been busily working on presents and preparations. Did some more today in fact. That and getting sucked in to the Twilight saga. I finished book one yesterday and couldn't resist starting "New Moon" today. He he.

I wrote myself a to-do list the other week coz I was starting to stress over so many things on my mind that I wanted to do with the shrinking pre-Christmas time. Ahh. I had to remind myself that I certainly did have time to do these things so I wrote a list to help me prioritise and not forget something. It's been a successful help. I've finished and posted parcels and cards, finished some presents and done some baking today. And last Tuesday night was our breakup for home group for the year. We had a Christmas celebration by eating dessert. Delicious. Funny that we ended up with two rocky road icecream cakes. One I made. And I got my Christmas cards and the stars I crocheted done for a little Christmas wish to hand out. It's been so satisfying to cross things off my list and know I'm getting things done. Yay.

Christmas really is just around the corner. One week from tomorrow. I hope you have a lovely time this celebratory season--laugh, have fun, enjoy the delicious food and the wonderful relationships you have in your life. Merry Christmas to you all!

01 December 2009


Summer officially begins today!! And thankfully it was a pleasant enough day. Glad that the sun was shining for the first day of summer. It shouldn't be any other way. Haha. No guarantee in my city though. Still, the change of seasons is nice. And it was a nice evening for a BBQ. We had a sort-of Thanksgiving at home group tonight. We had a bbq dinner (very Aussie) with delcious deserts and loads of chatter. I must admit I did quite a bit of laughing too--with Danielle especially. Some great conversations. Interesting ones. Some that made no sense to me....ha ha, you can do all the theorising, Connor, I'll just read the story when you're done. And I'm interested to see how to attatch pig hair needles to the thread. And we heard lots about The Twilight Saga's New Moon and it's actors. Ha ha ha. It was a good time. We did a little "thanksgiving" when we realised how late it was getting already.
I'm thankful that even though financially life has been tough this past year with not a lot of work, I've always had at least enough to survive. I'm also thankful for friends and family that I can call my own little community to be a part of. I'm thankful that I can be real and be myself and they love me all the same. I'm thankful that despite the hardships of this year there are still moments of joy and laughter and connectedness and hope. I am thankful that the seasons change! It's not always winter. (And it doesn't stay dreadfully hot forever either.) I'm thankful that even in my doubts and my depressed feelings God stays right beside me. And I'm thankful for the reminder that God is FOR me and wants me to succeed in life and so He WILL help me.