10 July 2010

a week in Sydney

On Thursday 1st July I got up insanely early. But I never mind when the reason is going on a holiday. (Thanks so much Dad for driving me to the airport!) Flew Tiger Airways for the first time. I don't like Tiger at Melbourne airport though. It's kinda....tatty. And get this, they actually weigh carry on luggage. First airport I've seen that has a bag weight check that you have to go via. I hadn't weighed mine and it was too heavy. I switched some things around and then decided to get in line to check in. It was my first dilemma whether I needed to 'check in' when I was flying with only carry on. I was stressing a little in line. There's only one line for all the Tiger flights and time was ticking on. By the time I eventually got to a counter they were apparently just closing check in for my flight. At least I made it. Second dilemma was that my bag was still too heavy but with no time left to work out what to do I checked it in. Cost me $55 to do so, darn it! But I got to Sydney happily enough and found the right train to head out to where my brother and his family live.

It was splendid to spend a week hanging out with them. We didn't really do much but when I practically live on my own (and I'm a homebody) it's nice just to have company around. Especially family. The kids had to behave under threat of being sent to school on Friday. Ha ha. Last day of term for them so they skipped the games they usually play. We mostly did stuff like went shopping, played computer, watched movies, ate and a few other bits and pieces. Taught my niece and the two older nephews how to crochet as they wanted to learn. It was also good to stay up late and watch movies and talk with Simon and Esther. On Sunday we did go 'touring' a bit. It turned out to be quite a nice day. So we caught the train into the city and then the Manly ferry. Got a nice view of the Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge going there and back.
It was where I wanted to go hunting...in Manly. Simon, Esther and the kids hadn't been there before so they were happy to do some adventuring. It was a successful hunt. We'd done our research. Ice creams! From Australia's first Ben and Jerry's Scoop Shop! I ate B&J's a number of times in the USA and it's rich and delicious. A bit on the expensive side but it's a treat. Not so bad when you're buying for just one anyway... And I'm sure the ones in the USA were a bit bigger. Still, we all enjoyed our icecreams. I indulged with chocolate therapy and phish food. Mmm.
Simon's birthday is this month so as a present for him I booked a table at a local restaurant for him and his wife and sent them out for dinner. Back at home, after a peckish tea and getting the table cleared and kids in pjs (not hard when I said I wasn't putting on the movie until it was done--just need the right motivation) we settled in with snacks and milk to watch some original episodes of Astro Boy. He he. Funny watching such old cartoons now with the expertise they have in animated films these days.

I also quite enjoyed the afternoon I played a board game with my nephews. We were pirates and treasure hunting. We got quite loud and animated in our hunting and stealing and sword fighting. And Tim so nearly won...until the Royal Navy came and we had to drop all our treasure and then I went and stole his pile. Ooo I'm nasty. No mercy. Let's play to win! The rivalry was fun.

Ah, but holidays always come to an end. To come home I had to add to my luggage a few forgotten items from previous visitors as well as some gained gifts. To save some stress I posted near 3kg home so my bag was under the carry on limit. $10. That's what it cost to post. Way cheaper then checking my bag in again.
So I'm home again. Working again. Sliding back into regular life and preparing for the next anticipated adventure. (Next on the list is the Bendigo Sheep and Wool Show!) Thanks for having me stay a week in your house, my Gellert family, and sharing your company and food and such. I just wish I could visit a little more easily so I could come a little more often.