30 June 2010

roaring party

I turned 30 a month ago today! (Yes, I'm finally blogging about my celebration.) So the night before my birthday I invited my family and friends to come and help me see out my 20s in 'roaring' style. I set up the hall like a jazz club--tables up the back to sit around, mood lighting, room to dance and jazz, swing and blues grooving across it all. I asked my guests to dress to suit the 1920s and they did a fabulous job. I'm so pleased. I had a Charlie Chaplain movie playing and also had a dance instructor come and give us some lessons for dances from that era. My wonderful friend, Heather, made a toast to me later and we at the most scrumptious individual birthday cupcakes. (Choc mud cake with choc mousse in the middle and caramel icing!) It was a lovely evening and it was lots of fun to party out my twenties in style.

Click on any photo for a closer view.
My 20s have rolled on out and a new decade is here for the writing...

10 June 2010

reason for overseain'

This is the main reason I'm planning to head overseas next year. Photo stolen from the fiance--excellent photographer at TulyFoto

Isn't she just gorgeous? Ha ha...love her! This is my delightful friend, SuhRa, who recently (finally) got officially engaged...to another friend of mine. Yaaaaayyy! So wonderful! Congratulations Mike and SuhRa! All the best for the time in between now and finally being married. And beyond of course! It's been a long time coming. She's been telling me to save so I can attend since before I left the USA (in March 2008).

So I'm saving my dollars to get to Germany where they're planning on marrying. But why travel to other side of the world and spend a hefty chunk of cash for just a week or two?? So my plan is to head to the UK in the first half of 2011 to hopefully live and work for up to two years. And when the joyous celebration occurs, I'll just duck over to Germany for the weekend or so. So if you see me wasting money, tell me off!