27 February 2009

family fun

It's fun to spend time with family. I felt like I hadn't seen my sister and her family for a quite a while but since circumstances created more time in my schedule I was able to spend a couple of days at her place. Didn't really do much which is always nice. Played with my niece and nephew who are gorgeous, did a bit of crocheting, watched tv and movies (including the Wiggles "Around the World") and ate and slept of course. I did some "special" things with Byron--took him outside to explore and play and gave him a bath. Two of his favourite things. And Jasmine has gotten bigger and cuter. She's rolling around and starting to sit up quite well now. Such a happy baby too...apart from when she's tired and hungry.
Typical Bryon. His other love is climbing.
Having a go on the Xbox 360 playing Boom Boom Rocket.
Me and Jasmine (we were dancing)
Typical spending of time. Tammy knitting, kids playing on the floor...
Byron being cute and playing with his little sister and making her laugh.

11 February 2009

on ya aussies

The cricket match between the Aussies and the New Zealanders yesterday was declared a bushfire appeal match. I heard that a portion of the gate entries would be given, the aussie cricketers donated their entire match fees, both teams put the shirts off their backs (signed of course) up for auction (most going for thousands), volunteers (including players whist not on the field) rattled donation tins and the Commonwealth Bank gave $100 for every run and $5000 for every six hit. All this put together this One Day International match raised over $6million!! Way to go Aussies--and those who aren't Aussies who gave!
The Australian cricket team are taking a detour to Whittlesea (part of Melbourne) to visit the major bushfire scene and spend some time helping the people where they can for a few hours. Then they are off to Brisbane for the decider match--having managed to win the last two games after a dismal start in the five match ODI series against New Zealand. Go Aussies!!

New note: Through the Red Cross people have donated almost $5o million!!!

09 February 2009

tragic disaster T_T

Summer here in Australia is also known as "Bushfire Season" and with an ongoing drought over the last number of years it's been particularly dangerous. Last Saturday the weather was lethal. With the heat that reached around 46°C matched with high hot winds, the fires that started have ripped through our dry state. We have a number of massive fire fronts still roaring and leaving devastatingly destructive paths and haunting memories. Even new fires starting.
The pictures on all the news updates just boggle the mind. It's hard to comprehend. People have been caught by just how fast the fire is moving.
Hundreds of homes have been burnt to the ground, some country towns completely wiped out and--last I heard--there's been 130 confirmed deaths and that toll is still rising. This bushfire is now the worst my state has ever had!
The reality of this horror started to sink in yesterday. My auntie and uncle evacuated here from Marysville where the campsite they lived at and managed is now burnt to the ground. Both my brothers were called up by the Army Reserve Ready Response Force to go assist and they left this morning to help out where they can. Apparently my younger brother, Matthew, has been assigned to King Lake which was one of the worst hit areas. And also there is the realisation of so many lives affected obviously by death and homes lost but also schools and crops--people's livelihoods--huge amounts of people working to restore electricity to keep lines of communication open, those attending to the now homeless and distraught... the list goes on. And still I really have no idea.
God grant wisdom to all those fighting the fires and helping to deal with this tragic disaster and comfort to all the hurting. And please God, help them get the fires out quickly.

07 February 2009

record weather

Apparently Melbourne (capital of my state and 1hr drive from where I live) had it's hottest day in recorded history today. And records started 150years ago. They reached a high of 46.4°C. Sweltering. After I worked today I pinched Matt's car (he's away this weekend) and went to visit mum and dad and their new air conditioner. Surviving was much more comfortable there.

It was 44°C here today apparently and a predicted 24°C tomorrow and 19°C on Monday. It's gonna feel cold. Ü

03 February 2009

frugality or beauty

I realised something today. Actually I've been thinking about it for a while but I realised it more definitely today. I'm a bargain hunter at heart and with the past 12 months being quite tight financially, I've been practicing being frugal and I can do it quite well. I decided last year that as I love journals/diaries it's worth getting nice ones that I get excited about using coz they're beautiful. Today I was shopping for a container to put my fabric in. I had in mind to get something beautiful and I'd spotted some that would do well. Square woven baskets. But as I do, I looked around a bit at other options. My dilemma came when I came across an appropriate, ordinary, rectangular, plastic container that was half the cost. The battle between frugality and beauty raged for about five minutes as I wavered in what I should do. Finally I decided--not completely sure--to go with beauty. Sure, it cost a little more but the square woven baskets turned out to be perfect and I'm very happy with my choice. My folded fabric looks beautiful sitting in them.
Now I've come to believe it's important to surround myself with beauty and not always be so frugal. Beauty is inspiring...for creativity and for happiness. You can check out my choice at my kelgell creations blog.