08 November 2010


Finally! It's been 10 months since I first heard about Phoenix Trading. They sell mostly cards and some related stationary type stock. All designs are artworks--nothing computer generated. Of course I have this thing about paying for cards. I generally don't, especially when cards in most shops are $4-$8. I'll just make one myself thanks. Of course, not everyone is artist so Phoenix Trading is a splendid way of getting nice cards for reasonable prices ($3-$4). Since that party, where I discovered you can earn money for drawing for them, I've been meaning to do some designs and send them in.

It took me until August to get started and in the last month or so I've been getting quite a few ideas and painting away. They have some guidlines about what they don't accept based on what kind of company they want to be and what they know sells. So I've used that but also done me things. I'm qutie enjoying it. I'm using watercolour. It can be a tricky medium to control but I love the way it looks. Using it in pencil form helps though. A bonus is that I think I'm discovering my style. Yay!

Today, I've finally sent scanned versions of some of my designs by email to the headquarters in London. Fingers crossed they like some...even one. It would be fun to have some of my work out there in the world for sale published by a company. And last I heard they are paying close to $2000 for the publishing rights for three years. If they like my style, it would be a great flexible side job.


purpleclematis said...

I'm a Phoenix Trader in the UK... I hope to see your designs in the next survey they send us, and hopefully in the catalogue!
Best wishes,

kelgell said...

Thanks Val. But maybe another time. They didn't want my current work. Might try again in the new year.