23 July 2009

happy jacks playworld

I've been planning to take my nephew to this great indoor playground as a birthday present. Finally did today about two months after. I met my sister and her two kids there and we settled in for hours of fun. It's a pretty good playground and I lve that they make it big enough for adults to fit. (Necessary for rescuing the stuck or scared or retrieving the one who just doesn't want to go!) I fulfilled all my Aunty duties--paying for them to go, buying them food, playing with both of them on the playground including going down the slides, climbing in and out the holes, crawling through the tunnels, going in the ball pit etc, sharing my fizzy drink and assisting with social skills like sharing and taking turns and not pushing! Hmm, I think it was all partly an excuse to play myself. Ha ha.

Gotta love the ball pit! Seriously, how long has it been since you were in one!!? Jasmine was a little overwhelmed as they were really deep for her.

Huge slides and climbing through small gaps to the upper levels. They had some GREAT air driven equipment like the air gun Byron enjoyed using. Put in a ball at the top and press the button on the handle to fire it. Of course I played with these too!!

Jasmine conked out in the early afternoon for a while but later joined us on the trampoline and the jumping house.

We got there at 10am and didn't leave until 2:50pm when I had to go to work playing with other kids. I spent most of my time with the kids on the playground and Tammy spent most of the time knitting and watching. It was a great day. I'm sure Byron would tell you so!!

*note: Please excuse the photo quality. The pics were all taken with my mobile which is not so great normally but more shocking with flash.*

14 July 2009


Oh what fun! I don't have gumboots so I didn't join in but I certainly let them go for it. How could I not? Such a great part of childhood.

Of course, I'm in charge of clean up! Ü

01 July 2009