30 March 2011

take off

Here's where my UK adventure begins! I'm off to the airport. Eep. A little nervous. Just gotta keep in mind all the good things about going. *Deep Breath* Soon I'll be seeing new places and catching up with friends and making new ones. Farewell Australia. I'll see you later.

29 March 2011

family outing in Sydney

Sunday is family fun day in Sydney meaning travel is cheap. So we all went into the city for an adventure--especially as I'm about to leave the country.

We caught the train in and walked across the Sydney Harbour Bridge. I let Ben snap away with my camera. See him taking the photo and the photo he took? See the rain coming in over the Opera House??

Yeah, good thing we took our umbrellas. We stopped for a while under the second tower to shelter from the rain and then continued on. With another short train ride and a bit of a walk we went and experienced the Chinese Garden of Friendship.

Such a beautiful place! I loved the penjing (more commonly known by the Japanese term Bonzai). Amazing. They had little scenes. My favourite was the one on the middle left in the pic. An island with full grown mini trees with a bridge to another island with a mini village. We had fun exploring--so many winding paths covered in with trees and bushes--and taking photos.

The kids particularly loved the fish. Can't you tell? The dragon pole had the Chinese year-animals on it and I said it's currently the year of the rabbit. So they searched for the rabbit.

I just loved all the rocks and water and greenery. The rocks were the most interesting shapes. So tranquil. Wish I had stopped a bit longer just to take it all in but I was too busy taking photos and exploring the next section. There's quite a lot packed in to a small area.

There were a few lizards that were out on the rocks in the Lake of Brightness. We also found this carriage made of jade so intricately carved. Apparently the only one outside of China or something like that. The Chinese Gardens were well worth the visit. I'm really glad we went.

Boy it was nice to sit down for the train ride home. Our feet were sore from all that walking. It was a great afternoon out. I thoroughly enjoyed seeing all that we saw and taking a last adventure with family before I head to England for a few years.

26 March 2011

stage ten complete

I'm packed. Phew! I sighed at the task from the moment I woke up and looked around my messy room. It was a long day to wrap it all up. What's coming with me has been put into my big suitcase with space to spare. It has been weighed and measured and has not been found wanting. Just under the 20kg mark without refining. The rest of my possessions have been culled, sorted and packed away in boxes and space bags and squished into a few cupboards and storeroom space at my parents.

I was a little nervous at the beginning of the day as my task was to finalise everything. This is it. After three years of planning, my home town is being left behind. I'm off to Sydney for a few days and then the adventure takes flight. Farewell!

25 March 2011

stage nine complete

I'm currently inbetween jobs. I finished up work yesterday...with a busy day. It was all good though. I accomplished much. We ate a little white chocolate cake at one job for a farewell. Yum. And my boss and workmates said some things that are lovely to hear. I was much appreciated. At my nanny job it was a lengthy goodbye. The boys got completely distracted with the masks I got them. Particularly the Buzz and Woody ones. I had to actually ask after a good five minutes if they wanted to open the rest of the present. The five year old actually had more of clue of what was going on but I don't think the younger ones really understood that I was leaving and not coming back for a long time. I scored lots of hugs from the 2yo yesterday though so may be had the feeling something was going on. It was sad to say goodbye to them. I got to experience a lot with that family--the 2yo being 1mth when I started and the family adding a fourth child while I was working with them. I'd said goodbye to the other family I worked with earlier in the week.

So all work is done. Those jobs are over. My new one starts in one week. In England!!

23 March 2011


I cracked open my saving tin this morning. More in there than I'd expected. Sweet^^ Took it down the street this morning and swapped it for some funny papers. I got some Malaysian Ringett so I can by myself some breakfast in Kuala Lumpar airport while I wait for my second flight. Some US dollars to pay back my friend for my bridesmaid dress that I'm wearing to her wedding. Some British Pound Stirling for spending while I'm awaiting my first pay check. And some traveller's checks in GBP for safer travelling. The pounds were the saddest to buy as I only got back about half of what I gave. Oh well, not much use having Aussie dollars in England.

20 March 2011

tired mother

My brother's dog had puppies a few weeks ago. Life has been very demanding as a mother for Bella. Longingly looking out the door like she just wants a break from being a milk tanker as the puppies swamp her. She kept on the move so the puppies couldn't latch on for long, even dragging them along the floor a bit until they couldn't hold on anymore. I suppose all mothers feel like this at times. At least we don't usually have seven at once.

16 March 2011

goodbye my little buzzbox

I sold my car this morning. It's gone off with it's new owner. It served me well. A cheap little car I could afford that got me around. I've been very grateful to have it. It was a little unsettling to see it go as it means I'm that much closer to moving overseas. Eep. It's beginning to hit me now. Two weeks until I fly out. And in the mean time my wonderful, thoughtful boss at Hines Plaster is letting me borrow a work car until I finish up work.

14 March 2011

stage eight complete

Celebrations!!! I have a job! Joy and relief. I know where I'm going and what I'll be doing before I take off on my flight to the UK. Oh it's been a drama seeing this stage complete! I had hoped it would come much earlier. It's been an anxious experience of family matches I don't like, ones I do, emails and waiting for replies, interviews, waiting, families I've been very interested in deciding on a different source of childcare help, waiting and waiting and emailing... you get the picture. I finally thought I had a job last week and then there were hiccups (involving more emailing and waiting) and today I finally received the good news. *happy ^^ sigh*

So I finish up work in Australia in 2 weeks, spend some time in Sydney with my brother and his family and then fly out to England on 30th March. Then I start my new job. I'm going to be living in the county of Kent (the closest part to France) near Canterbury. I will be working alongside a full time mum as a Mother's Help* to assist her with the care of her 2.5yo daughter and 5mth old twin boys. That should keep me busy. Ü

*Just to clarifly...
AuPair--It's a cultural exchange where you help for 25-30hrs a week with the kids.
Mother's Help--A job where you typically work 35-45hrs a week alongside the mother.
Nanny--A job that's more professional than the rest with sole care and more responsibilities.
Each position is better paid than the one before it. I'm glad to have a Mother's Help position as it's an actual job rather than a helpful cultural exchange.

09 March 2011

more widgets

See my new widget to the right? Fits in quite well I think with the style of my blog and it's also some very handy information. I like being able to see what the weather is or what's on the menu and now I can just swing by my blog to check.

05 March 2011

moving sale

I'm moving to the UK at the end of the month. Off for a working adventure. So everything in my artfire store is 30% off until Friday 25th March (Australian time). So swing by and pick yourself up a bargain!

Products will still be available when I am overseas but will be back to their regular price.

Don't miss your chance for a goodie at an excellent price at kelgell creations.

02 March 2011

stage seven complete

I really did intend for this to be stage eight but my visa began yesterday so I didn't want to keep waiting indefinitely. Time's a wasting. I only have 24mths on my UK visa. I don't want to spend too many of them in Australia! So I did it. I booked my flight out of here. Eep. Everything needs to be done and organised and farewelled by Wednesday evening the 30th of March.

The countdown has begun...