26 March 2009


I've been yearning the last week. After a surprise or two, I decided I really wanted the job I'd had two interviews for. The more I've thought about it the more that yearning has increased. I'd applied for a nanny job for a 2yo girl. No wait, possibly 18mths. Oh, she's actually 10mths!? Just a little bit of a difference. I finally heard from the parents today. Tough choice for them between me and one other person. Oh so close!! She said some nice things but said their decision was based on experience alone in the end. The other person has been nannying for 14yrs. Damn! So so close just isn't close enough. And yet I still find myself yearning... I don't mean to be mean, God, but please let it turn out they need me soon to take over.

*sigh* I know I'm probably just dreaming...

19 March 2009


Pip from Meet me at Mikes has an expression exploration happening. That's my best description of it. Anyway, I thought I'd join coz the idea is to express your idea of a topic. This week's is 'cosy' and I know exactly what makes me feel cosy.

RAIN! I love those dull, dreary, rainy days. They make me feel so cosy. Best enjoyed if you don't have to go out at all and can curl up snuggly with a hot drink. So peaceful. I love a good downfall. Only, where I live it hasn't been happening that much in the last few years.

12 March 2009

open for business

It's been an exciting day!! Today is a landmark for me. Today I opened my own little store to make my creations available to the world.

Last week I visited Kyoko's" blog and she was raving about ArtFire.com as a great place to sell handmade goods, supplies and antiques. If you're into or interested in selling this sort of stuff, check out her rave about it. (Only, if you decide to join make 'kelgellcreations' the one who referred you!) So after brewing for days I finally decided last night I would open my own shop. So today I've been gathering the final details I needed to start it up and I am now open for business. There's only a few items at present but there is definitely more to come. Go ahead and check it out!!

ArtFire - Buy Handmade - Sell Handmade

10 March 2009

glorious rain

You know you're in a drought when you haven't had to mow your lawn for the past two months during summer!! The brown grass just hasn't grown.
Today brought a delightful surprise when a majestic thunderstorm started up. Makes me so happy. Thunder, lightning, hail and glorious rain. When it started I dashed to the clothes line to bring in my dry washing but after that I just enjoyed it. Nice big drops of rain falling from the sky, then pelting. The lightning must have been close coz the clashes of thunder came pretty soon after the flashes. It even turned my computer off on me. Then there was hail too. I checked Matt's rain gauge just before and we've had 32mm and it's raining again now. Nice! That's more rain in about 2hrs than we've had all year so far.

If you look closely you may see the hail on the ground. The clothes on the line are Matt's that have been there for a couple of days.

04 March 2009


Oh I laugh at myself! Ha ha ha. It's been a bit cold lately. Well, 18°C which is cool compared to the hotness that's been about earlier this year. I've been complaining a little about the cold and when I saw that tomorrow is suppose to reach a top of 13°C I complained outloud to myself. "Come on!! That's not summer weather. We need some more hot days yet." Only did it then shockingly dawn on me that it's March. Four days in. It's actually NOT summer anymore!! Sadness! And then I laughed. Oh silly me, missed the beginning of Autumn...well recognising it's beginning. Summer seems to have slipped by so fast.

is this what I meant?

Since coming back from the USA I've been thinking of getting a new doona cover for my bed that is a bit more "grown up". The idea was to get something more mature-like and to pass on some of my more teenage feeling ones. However, this is what I bought yesterday.
I don't think it's quite what I meant. Though most of the cool, "mature" patterns don't come in single bed sizing. And choices are limited when the income is low. Or maybe it's just that this sort of thing is me and I simply can't keep "me" from jumping out in my choices. I do love it. I like the mosaic look, it's interesting picture (who else has a doona cover with a peacock on it??), the colours, the style of the design... And I'm quite happy that I found it for $10!! Bargain.