26 March 2010

battle of the easter eggs

You would think us all sweet and innocent at the Parish homegroup. Not if you know us though. Crazy suits us better. Ha ha ha. ^^ We enjoy a good feed and unstructured roudiness on the last night for the term and last Tuesday was no different. Except the battle that broke out...

It was all Danielle's fault. She started it.
And it turned into a full scale battle...stand off style. Winner fights on.
The rules:
You must balance a foil covered chocolate easter egg on your head.
No nesting.
(That is, no covering the egg with your hair to hold it in place better.)
No touching the egg or your opponents head.
The aim:
Make your opponents egg fall first.

Bad move Nathan. No hope now.

All sorts of tactics were tried. Some worked some didn't. Needless to say there was laughter all round as some fought for a bit of fun and others fought for glory. Crazy, I tell ya. But fun!

20 March 2010

slumber party for one

This week I bought some new things. Appropriate I think since I'm planning on camping over Easter. I've always just borrowed Mum and Dad's so I thought it would actually be nice to have my own--especially since they were a great price. My own lilo and sleeping bag. I pulled them out the other night to see what they were like. Blew up the lilo (has a foot pump as a part of it) and rolled out the sleeping bag and checked them both out. I left the lilo blown up overnight to make sure it would stay up. Last night I was watching a movie on tv, the goods still un-put-away, when I had an idea that made me giggle cheekily.

Yep. A slumber party for one. I got in my pjs and cosied up inside my new sleeping bag to watch the rest of my movie before I slept the night away in the lounge room. He he.
I must say I'm quite happy with the lilo. It's nice not to have to pump it up with my lungs and it's quite thick which means when I lay on my side, as I often do, my hip doesn't touch the ground. It was quite comfy to sleep on. The sleeping bag I'm still not sure about. It was quite cosy and kept me warm...but it really wasn't a cold night. It claims to be -18 to 25 degrees and I've had serious doubts about that since before I bought it. If it keeps me warm on a cold camping night, then I'll certainly be happy with it. That's yet to be tested though. It has a little pocket on the outside which I think is a little strange for a sleeping bag. Perhaps a little torch could be a handy something to keep inside it? But I'm not sure about sleeping with something hard like that near my face. The zip doesn't go all the way down to the bottom but I do like how they've done that and then extra-padded the feet area. I do like my toes to stay warm in bed.

All up I'd say it was a good test night and I'm reasonably happy. Just gotta truly test how warm my sleeping bag will keep me out in the cold. But at $30 for both items, I'm happy enough.