29 December 2010

i don't slowcook

I was really quite surprised yesterday. I enjoyed a dip in the outdoor spa with a friend where I'm housesitting and afterward we lay in the sun to dry off a bit. Aware that I didn't have any sunscreen on I made sure I didn't stay there too long. Ten mins all up I reckon. Ten mins!!
I burn so fast! *sigh* And don't think at least I'll get a bit browner. Nope. That doesn't happen with me. I'm a whitey. I burn, peel and go back to white. But nothing wrong with white. I embrace my paleness. :P At least this burn isn't too bad and I'll definitely make sure I'm slopping on lots of sunscreen this summer.

26 December 2010

christmas day

Our family Christmas is still coming. New Years Eve (had to be this year) once we're all in town. So this is how I spent my Christmas Day. I picked up my friend, Danielle, in the morning. After church we went to my parents for a simple lunch.
While Mum was getting the veggies cooked we chatted and Danielle showed us on google earth where her parents live in China. We also showed her how the sun rises in the east and sets in the west just the same as in China. He he :P

Dinner was YUM! Roast veggies and chicken and ham. Here's my parents eating main course.
Mum also made a splendid pavlova for dessert. One of the few foods that are specifically Australian. Danielle hadn't tried it before. Oh, and that green robot top is my Christmas present to myself. ^^ It's like space invader robots. Fun.
After lunch, Danielle and I went to where I am housesitting. She found the trampoline, which apparently she hasn't used much. She made the funniest sounds while jumping. Signs she was thoroughly enjoying herself.
After a trippy movie (Inception) we hit the highlight of our day. A spa with wine and chocolates...and a camera :P We took some crazy photos. This photo saw me climbing in to the spa too fast, slipping and whacking my knee so hard it now has a bump and is still sore. We stayed in for about 2hrs having a splendid time.
Then it was tea--I made risotto--and another movie for a laugh (Kung Fu Panda) before I took Danielle home.

16 December 2010

stage three complete

This week I posted off my visa application!

With help from Fastrack UK to make sure I had everything I needed and filled it all out correctly, I got together everything I needed. Last Friday I took the afternoon off work and trained to Melbourne and wandered up to the British Consulate for a 5min appointment of having my fingerprints scanned and a digital photo taken. It was necessary for my application and a nice afternoon too. On Monday checked and rechecked and a few more checks to make sure I had all the papers with me and headed off to the post office. Now to wait and pray that the British visa people will be so kind as to issue me my visa so that I can take this adventure.

05 December 2010

christmas sale

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