30 May 2009

29 years and counting

Hello Birthday!! Today begins the last year of being in my 20s!! Worthy of noting. So here's a few progressive snapshots of my day...

It turned out a little different than imagined but it was quite pleasant in the end. I worked this morning, beautified myself (part present part just coz), was visited by family, went shopping, drove out to Michael and Katrina's new place...they weren't back yet so I went for a walk around Lake St George having fun on my own and leaving a funny message for Tab Ü, hung out with Micky, Katrina and Matt and had tea and watched a movie and shared my day with you! He he.
*Note: The socks were knitted by my sis. Didn't she do a great job!? They're toasty warm too.*

29 May 2009


I need to post again. I don't like having too big a break between when i last posted. And I'm sure there are things to tell. Hmmm....let's see....

Oh I should tell you about some humour from work. I was at one of my nanny jobs the other day and the kids were playing "Find the Elephant". One would close their eyes and the other would hide a toy elephant which the other then had to search for. They did this over and over again and whenever the 4yo would hide the elephant and tell his 2yo sister to find it, he'd call her over and point to where it was and then laugh and cheer saying she found it. And then when it was her turn she would hide it in exactly the same spot he did. Hilarious!

Later that day they both had the greatest time. Laughing their heads off. We were just being silly. The 4yo started it. "You're a cupboard." I just played along. "Well you're a kettle." Crazy laughter. "You're tomato." "OH! And you're a banana!" And we carried on for a good 10 mins. I love how easy they are to entertain at times. The simplest things can be the funnest.

17 May 2009

today's amusement

This morning...drove myself to work :)... but had trouble getting there and finding a park as various roads were starting to be blocked off. Apparently they are filming a beer commercial in town today. So I worked away and by the time I left people were starting to arrive for the li'l production. Streets are blocked off from 6am-6pm for a little bit of shooting. Filming involves so much work behind the scenes. It always amazes me. When I got home I realised I'd stolen a wallet from work. You see, I clean at the cinemas and I found a wallet while vacuuming and put it in my pocket. When I'm done I leave stuff like that that I find at the boxoffice but I forgot today. I called the cinema to let them know I'd found it and would drop it in this arvo. So after church I ventured back into town and managed to find a park after a while. (Filming still going on made this difficult.) On my walk to the cinema I see the tram coming down the street...on wheels...odd sight. Didn't know we had one. It clanged it's bell and I noticed there were balloons and kids waving inside. So I waved back. Must be a party hire thing coz we don't have trams in my city. Soon I'll be heading off to visit my 2yo nephew. It's his birthday today!

11 May 2009

more food

Our cupboards are running low on food. I had to find something I could actually put together for lunch today from what we had. I decided on scones the only problem is we don't have a scone cutter. So I decided to use the closest cookie cutter I had...which happens to be my Australia cookie cutter. So Tennille and I ate Australia scones for lunch.

09 May 2009

it's mine...all mine

I own a car again!! I haven't really minded using my legs and public transport for the past year. But lately it's been getting a little annoying trying to figure out how to get to each of my three jobs and I don't like asking to borrow cars all the time. So I found a car I can afford, checked it out last night and brought it on home after I made it mine. Now my little silver 1992 Holden Nova hatchback is sitting in my driveway waiting to get roadworthied and registered so it can be at my service. It's gonna be such a helpful little buzzbox.