05 August 2009

vegetable tempura

Tried something new tonight. So I searched the net and had a go. I used zucchini, sweet potato, carrot, capsicum and snow peas. Tasted pretty good too. Should have cooked them a little longer I think as they weren't quite crunchy enough. Still good though.

01 August 2009

cook up

Heather invited me to hang out with her a few weeks back while she had a cook up. I helped a little--cut up the veggies for soup--but mostly just chatted while she 'slaved over the stove'. Much delicious food preprepared for storing in the freezer ready for the school term when there's less time to cook and get some lunch together. I was quite amused by her 'cooling rack'. Haha. Ingenuitive! And I had a lovely time and lovely meal at the end of our morning.