27 January 2010

australia day 2010

We had a bunch of people over for Australia Day celebrations. Just a casual gathering involving games and food and company.
What's this? Girls outside manning the barbie?? Where are the guys?

Oh, there. Inside playing war and watching cricket. After I beat Matt and Josh at Settlers of Catan, they started world war 2! The game Axis and Allies. Josh even had generals helping him fight his battles. And this time, Germany and Japan won--lead by Josh.

Then we walked to the 'lake' to watch the fireworks.

23 January 2010

meeting zachary

Met my new nephew today. Ü
Zachary Ethan born 22 January by caesarean. Lazy boy didn't really want to come after he pulled the plug from his pool. He slept the whole time I visited him too. He weighed 9lb 1oz and 53cm long. Pretty cute for a newborn. Like his dark hair...wonder if it will stay.
Zachie, Squishy (the jellyfish I crocheted for him) and me. ** The cute little boy

Zachary with his Uncle Matthew and his mummy.

12 January 2010

hangin' out with friends

Dave and Jasmin were down over Christmas so after church on Sunday we had lunch at the gardens and just hung out and chatted. Well, the guys played a bit of make-shift "cricket" and later went and kicked a footy around for a while.

Also went on a daytrip to Melbourne with Heather the other day. School holidays means we get the chance to play together. ^^ Yay! It was a stinking hot day, not that it bothered us much. We were shopping in the air conditioned centres. We had shopping success too. I got a funky diary which was the intent of going plus a particular present I'd been sent on an errand for and a few other little things along the way. Heather spent a fair bit more though she claimed she was intending on getting these things anyway. We indulged in Max Brenner chocolate drinks and a sundae. Oh oh YUM!!! So richly delicious. And it was nice to take it easy and ride the train there and back.

03 January 2010

Happy 2010!

It's another new year! Another one marked off and a whole yearful of unknown opportunities ahead. What will this year hold for me? Firstly, *sigh* I need to find more work. Hopefully a part time job with enough hours to quit some of my casual work. Looking for work is never easy or fun so hopefully I'll just come across something really soon. I can dream right?? For the eventful stuff my year holds...I become an aunty again (for the 7th time) in around a month providing the kid doesn't decide to come early. I will also turn 30 in May. It's my golden year this year. 30 on the 30th!! I plan to see out my 20s with a Roaring 20's party. Fun ideas rolling around in my head. But man, where has all that time gone! There's also three weddings coming--one of which is my own younger brother. I'm not sure what else out of the normal my year holds but I hope it contains gaining a better perspective on life and a better grasp on living it. I hope it contains growth mingled with lots of laughter and fun. And I hope God and I figure out our relationship and can enjoy it more fully again.

I hope for you that 2010 holds lots of laughter and fun and adventures that make you feel alive. I wish you a yearful of health and happiness. Have a great one!