30 June 2007

a chat with God

God, it's as if I'm thirsty for you but don't really know it. Like I kinda want you but I don't want to make much effort. Silly humanness. Sometimes I think I'm just so lazy. I guess if something is interesting it's easier to pay attention or give effort to. That's probably why I sook about lack of feeling. "Capture my heart, God. Renew my passion." You know? It would make it easier. Pure obedience is much more challenging. It takes a lot more effort to obey when you don't feel like it.

27 June 2007

gorgeous cutie

He's so cute! I've even got to see baby Byron as live as I possibly can thanks to webcams. I like these two photos from the bunch Tammy sent me. The second one is showing his facination with the zebra dummy strap I bought for him before I left. This is about as good as it gets for me until I can get back home for a real hold and play.

20 June 2007


My friends love karaoke. So that means that I've tagged along at times when they've gone to the korean karaoke near our church. I'm not a fan of the entertainment choice but I still joined in. We went for the first time two weekends ago and some friends from church came too. That was the weekend that Maria and her Aussie friend, Lauren, came. (I find it hilarious that we have the same good friend mix in both cities--a korean german and an aussie.) We also went to the karaoke place last weekend when Mel came with us. I did find a song or two I actually knew to sing along with but I still hold to the belief that those karaoke machines are designed to make everyone sound bad. At least we are in a booth of our own, shut away from other people.

Lauren, Liz (great gal from church), SuhRa and Maria ** Me and Lauren attempt to sing along

19 June 2007

feeling drained?

Hey Tab!! I found out where all your energy goes. They're marketing it in America. I had to pay US$2 for a can of it.