06 April 2011

through the rectangle window

I looked through my bedroom window the morning after I arrived and what did I see...?
A most delightful backyard just waiting for me! That being said I haven't actually got out there yet but isn't is a fabulous one? Pity this is a rental place where we're living until the house they've bought finally gets the renovations finished. (They haven't started yet.) Should get to enjoy this for six months at least I reckon. Oh, S helped pick the flowers for me. They were waiting in my room when I arrived.


Esther said...

Simon wants to know if they need a carpenter to do their renovations for them?

kelgell said...

He he. Dunno. I can ask. They're having lots of trouble getting answers from the paperwork people so they can get estimations from the builders.

Katrina said...

Hey Kelly,

Great to hear how your UK Adventure is starting out. The kids so far sound like they will be a lot of fun. Enjoy the view while you can,