10 April 2011

shopping in canterbury

This morning I bused to Canterbury for a shopping day. Helping to look after twin babies requires more clean tops. It was a lovely sunny day though the wind was cold. I also needed to get some jackets or long sleeve lightweight cardigans because, like Ballarat, you generally need to dress in layers here. It's about a 40min bus trip and it was nice to see some new scenery on the way. Most fascinating part of the trip there was the tower photographed below. See the bus coming through? That's just like the one I came in on and I swear it squeezed through the first opening with about 10cm to spare on each side. I'm really quite impressed with bus drivers here. The streets are squishy enough without taking a huge bus along them.

The shopping hub is right at the main bus station in Canterbury which was very convenient for me. I was soon off the bus and into the stores. It's a bit unusual shopping in pounds. Everything seems cheap but I don't think it actually is. I did manage to buy just about everything off the sale racks though. Great sales too. A lot was 50-70% off. I also saw this fascinating fun activity taking place. I've never seen this before. I think it would be more fun to be in one of those balls that actually moves along the ground though. These guys were basically spinning in the water.

Shopping was quite successful and I got into the groove of exploring and searching for what I wanted. I wasn't sure what type of stores were around or where to go for things so I just roamed. After starting at about 11am, by 4:30pm I finally decided on an upstairs cafe that turned out to be a cute little spot. I got a window box seat overlooking one of the shopping streets and ate a yummy piece of treacle tart and drank a delicious hot chocolate with hazelnut syrup in it. Mmm.

I looked through a few more shops and then scooted my aching feet back to the bus station and bused home again. It was quite a nice day out and Canterbury seems like a good place to visit. Next time I go I'll have to do the tourist stuff like the Canterbury cathedral and The Canterbury Tales. And find the cinema too I think.


Esther said...

Oooohhh... I just looked in the mirror near my computer and I think I can actually see myself turning green with envy. ;-)

It looks so inviting to explore and sounds like so much fun. Glad you had a good day.

Tab said...

I'm curious about how you "do" the Canterbury Tales? Have you read it? I have it in the original middle english if you'd like to read it :P

kelgell said...

No I haven't read it. I don't really know what it is. I have heard the name. I think I walked past this and it is definitely something you go in and see...for a fee. It probably has to do with the actual tales.