04 April 2011

new job started

My first day of my new job as a Mother's Help in England went reasonably well today. Lots to learn and need some good settling in yet but at least it's not all foreign to me. I did a 7am-7pm shift today. This week is going to be a little crazy as the dad had to go to the USA for the week with work. Today was the busiest for the week though. S, 2.5 year old girl, is a little shy at first but she talks quite well and sounds so cute with her British accent. All in all she's reasonably pleasant and well behaved. I haven't been here long though either. She's quite a girly girl too liking pink and doing mothering things and having tea parties. She also likes trucks and made a train today that we all rode to France on to go to the beach. I and T, twin 5 month old boys, are quite cute and don't seem to have a strict routine. Or it's a complicated one. They are different enough that I can tell them apart but they do look a lot the same. They have different personalities too. T seems to be a bit more serious and I a bit more playful. It's certainly busy with two babies to care for. I don't think I'll ever have to be trying to think of what to do to 'look busy'. The parents seem quite friendly. I went into town with them all on Saturday and the dad was feeding me loads of information about this place. It was good to hear. They are both quite easy to talk to and are thoughtful and explain things knowing I am new. They are very accomodating too asking if there is anything I needed/wanted before I arrived and saying they'll look into getting a tv in my room (without me asking for it). I also went for a huge walk around town by myself on Sunday so I could go into stores and roam about as I pleased and do a bit of shopping. (I was missing a hairstraightener already with my wild fringe.) I was really delighted in my adventure. There were lots of antique stores and opshops that had some great stuff in them and other retail stores that are quite unique. I found one store that has clothes I really like the style of in wonderful fabrics. I must go and buy something at some point. It seems to be quite an arty, ecclectic yet fancy little town. Apparently it's a bit of tourist destination. Next time I go walking I'll try take camera with me. I think I'll do well here.


Esther said...

Sounds good so far. Hope it continues to be so and you enjoy it more and more.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like there won't be a boring moment! :) Glad you have arrived safely and are settling in well. So, do you live in the same house as the family? When you say you work from 7am - 7pm does that mean you are available if they call you, or do you follow the mum / children around during that time?

I look forward to reading your blog about your time in the UK!