18 April 2011

sunny sunday

I went to church in Seasalter today. It's like the next little town along from Whitstable...if it's separate at all. It was a bit different. Well, it's Palm Sunday so it was different for them as well. They were friendly and the service seemed fairly relaxed with people sitting in chairs or on the floor or standing around. I'm not quite sure how a normal service functions but the website described it as pretty real/normal and relaxed. And I did feel like that which was nice. As it was a beautiful sunny day again in this area of the world, I decided to just head off in the direction of Whitstable. I managed to find my way to the shore and walked along right into town. There's the Whitstable shoreline. The pebbly edge and fences are apparently to slow the waves as it's prone to flooding every ten years or so. There were lots of people out sunsoaking and quite a few of the beach huts I passed were open and occupied with people hanging out at the shore. I ended up walking through town and roaming some shops before heading up to the Tankerton shore which has a nice grassy area.
I decided I needed my own icecream. ;) It was actually quite delicious too. The first time my boss came home with the shopping I poked through the bags and found a tub. I said, "Hey, you even got me some icecream!" He he. Today I just had a triple chocolate cone and then went and lay down on the grass in the sunshine and read the magazine I'd bought.

It was a very pleasant, relaxing afternoon until I eventually waddled home. Too much walking in new shoes is a bit sore on the feet but I'm determined to wear them in so they are comfy like the ones I left behind. I shall put them on again soon to head out. A couple I was introduced to at church, as they live in my street, invited me for tea tonight.

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