23 April 2011

a stroll along the shore

With some reshuffling of hours I ended up with Good Friday off. So I slept in til 8:30am and then got up and washed myself and bunch of my dirty clothes. S wanted to come brush her teeth at my sink and so we did a whole getting dressed and ready routine with some very cooperative-inspiring reward stickers (thanks Vi ^^). They went out and I finished getting myself ready and then set off on my stroll along the shore. It was a brilliant day and so refreshing to just be out without any need to rush.

I happily walked along toward Herne Bay. I wasn't sure how long it would take but I left at 11am and forgot to look when I arrived. Ha ha. Oh well. My guess is a bit over an hour. These guys passed me a few times on their unicycles. They were each like on mountain bike wheel. I haven't seen big ones like this before. On the bumpy ground bit before getting to the path they'd ride and fall off or stop to let another catch up. Hence the passing each other a few times.
I made it to Herne Bay. This is looking back to my town that's hiding in the haze. There were lots of people out today soaking in the sun.

I continued on until I got to a place I thought looked good for lunch and at a mediterranean pizza which was on an open french stick. Quite yummy. ^^

I strolled on to the clock tower and then went right a block or two and roamed what shops were open for a while. I headed along the streets toward home until I left the shopping district and then I was getting quite hot. I ended up catching the bus back home.

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