28 October 2010


I've been feeling a bit strange this week.

For one thing I've found myself getting bored here and there. It's an odd experience for me. The frequency of it anyway. I've also felt a little... twitchy? Probably have been sitting around too much and my body wants to expend a little more energy than I've been allowing it. Hm, restless is probably a better word for that feeling. And then there's the strange moods. They've made me laugh a little though. Chirpy, quirky happiness that makes me wonder if I'm overtired. Some blah-zay laziness of the slothlike kind. Ok, so that's not so strange. ;) I've also gotten annoyed with things a bit more too and growled and carried on at silly things. Usually to myself. It's been quite amusing really. Humanness can be quite bizarre at times. ^^

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