23 October 2010

a spruce up

Never quite liked my last new blog face. So I had a play today and I'm liking this much better. Just a little bit of sprucing up. I like the rounded corners and the posts still have their dark background like the night sky but the rest is opaque white so you can see a little of the background picture showing through. I'm happier with the colours too.

A nifty little addition is the clock on the right. It shows my current time. I particularly want this for when I go to the UK next year. Then before calling or trying to meet me online, my family and friends can swing by my blog to see what time I'm in. It took me a while to find this one but it's just right I think. Rounded corners to match and everything. Coolest part is that if you hold the mouse over it, it switches to the date so you know if I'm in your yesterday, today or tomorrow. If you want one too, just click the link under the clock.

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