06 October 2010

fun in the rain

Oh I love letting kids be kids. I had my niece and nephews for a couple of hours this afternoon. I WAS going to take them on a playground crawl but the weather was indecisive--sunny then raining then a tad more sun then more rain. So we had to change plans. For part of it we were at my house inside playing with new cheapo toys I bought for them when it started bucketing down. Real heavy. I jokingly said overcheerily, "Who wants to go outside and play?" Ha ha. Tim looked up in complete innocence and hopefully asked, "Can we?" "Oh," said Aunty Kelly, "I suppose. If you want to. Sure." They were thrilled with the idea. I made them take their jumpers off so they had something warm and dry to wear when they came in. We went out and stood under the verandah and they were dabbling with being in the rain. Then I said to Ben, "Run and touch the back fence and come back." With an excited "ok" he took off and the others followed. They kept going back and forth, laughing, having the greatest time while the rain kept pelting down. Yay for simple thrills that give much joy! Go for it.

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