09 October 2010

what to do at 4:30am...

Ordinarily, I'd sleep. But since I was wide awake and I have the Saturday freedom to nap during the day I decided to get up and do stuff.
So this is what I did for the first three hours of my day.
Some more painting with watercolour of some designs I started yesterday. Love to start my day with a bit of creativity. Starts me off happy.
Also diddledaddled online. In the pic I'm checking ravelry to see what patterns I can find to use some of my yarn on. I don't have enough current project choices to work on. Ü
As it got light I decided to open my curtains and the rising sun was vividly orange and confining its colour to a smallish area.
Now that it's risen higher and I've had some raisin toast to calm my stomach, I might get dressed and go for a walk on this brisk, blue sky morning before the whole neighbourhood is up.

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