26 March 2009


I've been yearning the last week. After a surprise or two, I decided I really wanted the job I'd had two interviews for. The more I've thought about it the more that yearning has increased. I'd applied for a nanny job for a 2yo girl. No wait, possibly 18mths. Oh, she's actually 10mths!? Just a little bit of a difference. I finally heard from the parents today. Tough choice for them between me and one other person. Oh so close!! She said some nice things but said their decision was based on experience alone in the end. The other person has been nannying for 14yrs. Damn! So so close just isn't close enough. And yet I still find myself yearning... I don't mean to be mean, God, but please let it turn out they need me soon to take over.

*sigh* I know I'm probably just dreaming...

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