19 March 2009


Pip from Meet me at Mikes has an expression exploration happening. That's my best description of it. Anyway, I thought I'd join coz the idea is to express your idea of a topic. This week's is 'cosy' and I know exactly what makes me feel cosy.

RAIN! I love those dull, dreary, rainy days. They make me feel so cosy. Best enjoyed if you don't have to go out at all and can curl up snuggly with a hot drink. So peaceful. I love a good downfall. Only, where I live it hasn't been happening that much in the last few years.


Maureen said...

I agree about rain. It's perfect if you get to stay in and enjoy it. But darlin', get those clothes in!

Alisa at ink caravan said...

Kelly, I love the rain too! It makes me feel content and helps me focus.

kelgell said...

He he he. I got my clothes in. Those are my brother's and had been out there a few days.