20 April 2009

a nanny again

So I didn't get the last job as I complained. However, this past week I got a new job and it's a nanny job. It's just 9hrs a week but it's cash coming in and also more professional experience in the childcare field. You see, I'm dreaming of working in Ireland in a year or so and the experience will help me be more employable.

I had my first day today. A bit of a "get to know you" this morning for a few hours and then my first shift this arvo. I'm caring for two boys 3yrs and 22months while their mother teachers music in the front area of their house which they have transformed into a music school. They weren't too bad today. A little shoving and pushing and snatching with a hissy fit when the plug was pulled on the bath but other than that it went ok. And the parents seem quite friendly so I think it will all go fairly well.

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Alrischa said...

I didn't realize your old blog was back up...

Good that you've got another job! Experience and money are both good Ü And if they ever need more hours, you'd be the first one they ask.