04 March 2009

is this what I meant?

Since coming back from the USA I've been thinking of getting a new doona cover for my bed that is a bit more "grown up". The idea was to get something more mature-like and to pass on some of my more teenage feeling ones. However, this is what I bought yesterday.
I don't think it's quite what I meant. Though most of the cool, "mature" patterns don't come in single bed sizing. And choices are limited when the income is low. Or maybe it's just that this sort of thing is me and I simply can't keep "me" from jumping out in my choices. I do love it. I like the mosaic look, it's interesting picture (who else has a doona cover with a peacock on it??), the colours, the style of the design... And I'm quite happy that I found it for $10!! Bargain.

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