10 March 2009

glorious rain

You know you're in a drought when you haven't had to mow your lawn for the past two months during summer!! The brown grass just hasn't grown.
Today brought a delightful surprise when a majestic thunderstorm started up. Makes me so happy. Thunder, lightning, hail and glorious rain. When it started I dashed to the clothes line to bring in my dry washing but after that I just enjoyed it. Nice big drops of rain falling from the sky, then pelting. The lightning must have been close coz the clashes of thunder came pretty soon after the flashes. It even turned my computer off on me. Then there was hail too. I checked Matt's rain gauge just before and we've had 32mm and it's raining again now. Nice! That's more rain in about 2hrs than we've had all year so far.

If you look closely you may see the hail on the ground. The clothes on the line are Matt's that have been there for a couple of days.

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