27 February 2009

family fun

It's fun to spend time with family. I felt like I hadn't seen my sister and her family for a quite a while but since circumstances created more time in my schedule I was able to spend a couple of days at her place. Didn't really do much which is always nice. Played with my niece and nephew who are gorgeous, did a bit of crocheting, watched tv and movies (including the Wiggles "Around the World") and ate and slept of course. I did some "special" things with Byron--took him outside to explore and play and gave him a bath. Two of his favourite things. And Jasmine has gotten bigger and cuter. She's rolling around and starting to sit up quite well now. Such a happy baby too...apart from when she's tired and hungry.
Typical Bryon. His other love is climbing.
Having a go on the Xbox 360 playing Boom Boom Rocket.
Me and Jasmine (we were dancing)
Typical spending of time. Tammy knitting, kids playing on the floor...
Byron being cute and playing with his little sister and making her laugh.

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Tab said...

Glad u had such a good time :) Little kids are very good for adults I think.