13 July 2007

church picnic

I came back Saturday night from Lake Tahoe so I could go to the church picnic on Sunday. We had our service at 10am that Sunday so we'd be done to join the whole church for a picnic. See, I go with SuhRa to the San Francisco Full Gospel Korean church. We go to the smaller English Ministry service which is at 1:30pm. But last Sunday we needed to have it earlier. We came back to Marin County for the picnic. There were heaps of Koreans there...naturally. But the EM had their own food and we sat at a table together. We played talked and enjoyed good food. Some Korean food too. Some that looked like a leaf off a tree that normal people wouldn't eat...ha ha! Obviously it's a popular food around the right people. We also played some games. And watched the kids play pinata. We hung out for ages and it was fun. Very family like. It's a nice part of "THE family" to be with.

Is that really food? and Maria, SuhRa, Maria, Grace and Liz

The area reserved for us and SuhRa involved in the balloon game

Shooting baskets...spot SuhRa and me. We lost hopelessly but we were the only team that didn't really cheat. And SuhRa and Becky. Becky is a star athlete. She is competing in the synchronised swimming championships in Brazil shortly and are training for the next Olympics.

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