23 July 2007

goodbye maria :(

Maria leaves today. She's flying down to meet her new family near Los Angelos. It didn't work out with her last family. She used to live just 2hrs away and so visited often (she knows SuhRa from Germany). She hung out with us quite a bit so it's sad to see her leave...but I'm glad she's found a new family. On Friday night we had a party for her with mostly her AuPair friends and on Sunday we had a cake for her at church in our Women's Ministry group after church. But we'll see her again. Apparently quite a few from church regularly drive down there so we could catch a ride. I'll most likely see her in October for her birthday anyway as we are planning a trip to Hawaii. Ü Good luck Maria. Hope it works out wonderfully and you have a great time down south.
Women's Ministry from church. Great bunch!

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