21 July 2007

strangeness #7

Ah sweet USA! For all it's images of being a candy country, I was surprised at the limited selection of candy in the supermarkets here. Where in Australia you will often find one long aisle filled with all sorts of lollies and chocolates, at least along one side if not both, here you're lucky to get a third of one side of an aisle in selection choice. Apparently Germany has a selection more like Australia too. And you can't really go buy a block of chocolate either. They do have some but they are small. Less than our 150g ones. And come to think of it, their ice cream choices only come in up to one gallon tubs. I can't go buy a 4lt tub of vanilla ice cream here. Oh well. They do have some delicious flavours...like Ben & Jerry's Turtle Soup. Delicious! Their bread is sweet too (a little strange having vegemite on toast) and they have lots of cookies and such.

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