21 July 2007

buffalo burgers, earthquakes and 3D movie

Thursday for dinner we ate buffalo burgers. Homemade (and delicious) but made with buffalo mince. An interesting thought. Didn't really taste any different though.Friday I survived my first earthquake. It apparently happened at around 4:30am. I didn't feel it but it's possible that it may have been why I woke up so early. I just went back to sleep. A 4.2 quake apparently. Saturday eight of us went into San Francisco to see Harry Potter 5 -- Order of the Phoenix at the Imax theatre. Unfortunately we didn't estimate travel time well enough and with no previews we missed the first 15 minutes. Oh well, now I'll just have to watch it again some time. Not knowing the story I found it interesting and enjoyed the story. We caught one section of 3D imagary and it was pretty cool.

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