03 May 2012

umbrellas up

I have a new perception of April showers. I heard the term long ago and even though we do get rain in April in Australia, it's autumn and we are preparing for winter. Spring rains seem different; a preparation for things to get growing. Here in the northern hemisphere that's just what it is: spring rains. April in particular was a wet one. Loads of pouring rainy days. I don't particularly mind. I quite like the rain, especially when you're all warm and cosy inside. It's very soothing. It was nice laying in bed at night, silent inside listening to rain pelt the buildings on the outside. Not so nice when you have to venture out in it. Honestly, though, I didn't even mind that too much. I bought myself a good umbrella and it's nice to use. The worst part of all this rain has been trying to get two boys with two scooters to the bus stop for our ride followed by another foot journey to music class at the other end. And then reverse that to make the journey home again.

The weather, however, is warming. The days aren't quite so cold even if they are wet. And we're starting to see a bit more sun. Last year was pretty warm I thought. I wonder if this year will be a more typical British summer with less heat and not so much. Guess I'll find out soon enough.

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Viana said...

Ooo... beautiful rain!