16 May 2012

weekend sunshine

Last weekend was sunny! Can you believe it? We've had so many wet days lately it was a treat to see the sun--and on a weekend! On Sunday afternoon I decided I simply must get out and enjoyed it so I headed off to Regent Park. It's quite large but I enjoy simply walking around in the sunshine looking at all the green, the spring flowers, the landscaped gardens and the people enjoying the weather. I walked all around Queen Mary's Gardens and was impressed with a couple of lawn areas filled with deckchairs for anybody to use. Great idea. Then I walked on around the boating lake passing by an area that looked snow covered. The daisies must be loving this weather. I walked across the bottom of the recreation area where people were out kicking footballs (aka soccerballs) around and playing other such games. Then back down the Garden Avenue full of flowers where I had started. After enjoying a long stroll I found a plot of grass for myself and soaked in the sporadic sunshine while listening to my ipod or reading. Eventually it started to get too cool for me to sit still and I headed home again.

Remember you can click on the pictures for a better look.

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