31 May 2012

third spring birthday

This is the third time I've celebrated the anniversary of my birth in the northern hemisphere and it was a lovely day. Usually, being from Australia, my birthday is in autumn and being so close to winter, it's usually also fairly cold. This year it was a rather warm day. Not as hot as the last couple of weeks but still early 20s. It started early. I was up at 6:30am--daylight wakes me up early anyway--to head down stairs and prepare the icing for the cake the boy helped me make the day before. I had to let it cool so it would go thicker and be spreadable; the plan to decorate it before we left for nursery. Obviously not quite ready by the time we needed to do it but certainly was delightful putting all the m&ms on top. The boy woke well (I'm helping with the get up and get ready this week) and was excited about helping me finish the cake and also buzzing with anticipation of helping me eat it. I was wonderfully surprised with thoughtful presents. The boys gave me a Jubilee mug which is cool coz that's happening while I'm here in London. The card with it's lion and kangaroo on a cricket ball--the way up it should be--included a note from my boss saying they'll help pay for a hot air balloon ride for me. Sweet. That's on my list of things to do. They also gave me the bangles in the aussie sporting colours. I also got some presents from the maternity nurse and my boss' mum who dropped by. I spent the morning doing a quick shop for shoes (I've had multiple pairs fall apart on me at the same time) and came back with a bag. He he. And then I chatted to family and read other birthday wishes until I had to go pick up the boy.
He was a bit tired and not listening around lunch time was a little turbulant but he pulled it together enough to have cake. I wasn't going to get away with no candles on my cake so I found some and they sang me happy birthday and we all shared cake. Sooo delicious. Lovely rich chocolate cake. Mmmm. I had two pieces. The afternoon was spent at a tennis lesson and then hanging out at home. Quite casual and relaxing. Bit of turbulance around tea time again as we needed him to hurry up so I could give him a quick bath before I finished early. We made the time frame and I readied myself, dressing up a little and wearing my new dress.
I trotted off to meet some friends and go see the musical Singing in the Rain. It was great--apart from a few boring songs and getting a bit lost with a performed explaination (what he was describing was acted out). The acting was great. Lena was amazingly annoying with her shrill voice, Cosmo was funny, the dancing was splendid and it was a delight to see it really rain on stage while the theme song was performed and a laugh to see the people in the stalls get splashed multiple times. The song was performed at the end of each half and the final one was with everyone. I think people half way back in the stalls got wet even. Ha ha. We were on the second balcony. Right at the front for the first half with super squished legs and moved back a row for more comfort the second half. I enjoyed it. Then I went home and snuck a bit of cake before getting into bed just before my birthday ended for another year.

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Viana said...

Sounds like a great day! And that cake looks SOOO yummy!!! :D