22 April 2012

2am wedding

Alastair has been a good friend of mine for a long time. As my little brother's best friend he spent a lot of time at our house and is considered an honourary member of our family. I was so happy when he got engaged to a newer friend of mine. Love is wonderful and it's delightful to see people you care about find that special someone. All this makes me quite sad though as being on the other side of the world still on my UK adventure means I couldn't make it to their wedding. I'm sad to have missed joining the celebration. But I joined as best I could.

So at 2am British time I went online and accepted a skype video call from my dad. While technology is never perfect and can be quite frustrating (thankfully I got the newly linked internet here to work again in time and also the video wasn't the best quality), I am thankful for what it makes possible. I witnessed their wedding in real time.

I didn't hear everything and sometimes the video was very blurry and pixelated but it never dropped out. It was great to see people there--people I know too--celebrating with them. I am looking forward to some clearer photos though. :)

As "at" the wedding as I could be.

Once it was all witnessed and I was happily satisfied and there was no longer much for me to really see (since communication wasn't easy and it's not the same as hanging out), I went back to bed. When mid morning rolled around I got up and went to meet some friends who kindly joined me at a local cafe in London to eat cake in honour of the new Mr & Mrs Dixon. At 11am on Sat 21st April. ; )

Congratulations Alastair and Celeste. I hope you have an amazing and fun start to married life and that the whole journey together is a wonderful adventure.
So happy for you both.
xO xO

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