02 June 2012

wearing a wire

Seriously. I had fun this week. I was even a little anxious as I headed in because I had to join the Friday night class instead of my usual Sunday afternoon group. Midweek I wonder if I would seriously join the intermediate class next or not bother. But after every session I feel pumped and I'm interested in doing more.

It was great to join another class. The instructor at this class explained things a bit more. He went over the basic rules--which made more sense now--and then when he taught us a new move he got us to do some repetative practise. Even the warm ups helped improve my footwork. It was a more informative and practically helpful session.

And then for the fun part....

This week we got to kit up in the electrical gear. Apparently Fighting Fit Fencing is the only fencing club in Britian or some such place that allow beginners to use the expensive electrical equipment. We put on the usual white coat, then blue coat with mask and glove. We also put on a special silver jacket woven with metallic thread and underneath the blue jacket we wore a wire. The electric foil (sword) has a bit of a different handle and also a button on the tip instead of a tiny ball. We were then connected to a retracting cord at our back.
In all our gear, once we were fencing when we poked the other person the score box would light up. A white light if we hit off target and a coloured light if we hit the silver vest (completing the electrical circut). If you get two coloured lights--hitting on target at the same time--then you still have to determine who got the point. That's where I still get confused. After our new move practise--an attack with a fake (there's a proper term for it out there somewhere)--we had a few matches. The instructor went around all of us and scored a few points to help us out. We didn't really keep score though. We were an odd number thus my opportunity for photos when I sat out. And the poor quality due mainly to my quivering arms after a bout.

I think next week we're having more of a tournament. That will be truly curious.

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