06 April 2012

eye spy a tourist working

Today was just a half day; my Easter holidays beginning at lunch time. This morning was planned to take the boy for a ride on the London Eye. We were close to not making the trip into the city centre after a one and half hour near non-stop shout and cry from the boy that made the morning progress rather slow--and unpleasantly noisy. A good portion of it was before I started work (the pitfalls of living at work is the screaming soundtrack while I get ready to start work). Pretty much all came about from waking grumpy and finding the whole world was against him. Something of that level of drama. We did manage to make it out the door and thankfully we were both significantly happier. The prospect of riding the underground train was helpful.

My boss had bought me a fast track ticket and it was great to trundle up past all those waiting in queue for their turn. He he he. As a capsule slowly moved by the platform we stepped in and were on our slow lap around the Big Wheel (as called by the boy). I had hoped it might be semi clear but the morning was completely overcast without much hope of any sun getting through. So a little on the misty side but you could still see a decent amount.

The boy was thrilled when I pointed out the worksite below. He spent a long time watching the diggers work and counting how many and telling me what colours there were. I think that was the highlight of his ride. As for me, I think the idea of going on the London Eye is more fun than the actual experience. It's nice to see London from that angle but it's pretty expensive for the view. I was thankful that this was a work day. I don't think I'll spend my own money to go on it again.

While the ride was all fine and dandy and relaxingly pleasant, navigating the mind and emotions and behaviour of a three year old still assured me I was working; not just being a tourist. We pottered around in a couple of shops before I caved to donuts. Really I wanted them but the hesitation was based on not being able to buy some for me and not for the boy. So I ate three quickly while he ate his one. ;) Half way across the Westminster Bridge, a bridge flowing with crowds being in a high tourist spot, that irrational monster exploded through the surface again. Being cold I put his raincoat back on but he didn't want on his back? Sometimes he really does confuse me. This resulted in squatting by the barrier of the bridge holding a screaming child on my knee. Fun times. In the end I picked him up, still shouting and crying, and carried him the rest of the way to the train station. Thankfully he'd calmed significantly by the time we got there and we talked about some things he likes to help him calm all the way down. Then I was able to have that quick talk about listening and not shouting.

Lows and highs and plateaus. That's the way a three year old's morning goes. And now, I'm off to Venice for a weekend of sightseeing and exploring.

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Katrina Jade said...

Ha, ha, yes, well, I have to say working where I am has given me experience with a younger age group and I see some of the behaviour you were talking about. Like on Thursday Miss E. for some unknown decided she might just push everything off the table. After being told to pick it up, gave the look that said, "Don't want to" and proceeded to the toy cubby hole and pulled much of those things onto the floor. She hid under the table for afternoon tea for a while before deciding she really did want some and proceeded quite independently to put everything away and sit nicely at the table! Have to say that was very satisfying (I always knew she would). I am sure we will never what set her off but it is easy to become friends again. I was telling Nan and Pa on being asked which I prefer, I said, "I have enjoyed gaining experience with a different age group." Off to Venice, hey? Enjoy and I shall look forward to reading about. Take care.