02 April 2012

one year old adventure

Has it really? I have trouble believing it to be true and yet it was this day one year ago, after an extended journey, that I finally set foot on English soil. One whole year! I really have done a calendar lap. A year seems to have gone by so fast and despite how much I've travelled and the many things I've done and experienced on this European adventure, I feel a little stressed that I've less than a year to 'do' and 'see' before they kick me out.

Well, there are many more adventures I'll fit in I'm sure. As for today, it was the perfect day to take it easy. I rose late (because I couldn't help reading my latest addictive book as soon as I woke up) and had lunch shortly after. : ) My frustration for the day was trying to find some fabric online to suit my ideas but we'll just skip over that part. I had a lovely afternoon in the sun. After catching two buses I waited around for ages nearby the cafe I was meeting my friends. Their train was taking its merry time. The cafe was busy, busy and when Stephanie and Caroline finally arrived we had to sit on a nearby bench a while before we were able to snatch up a briefly vacant table. Delightfully though by this time the sun was at it's warmest--which was not hot but kept the chilly breeze away--and we sat outside in it with our tea and scones.
Ah, delightfully British. I've been wanting to have tea and scones for a few weeks now and just not quite getting there. While there's no excuse needed to meet friends at a cafe, this afternoon tea was in honour of Caroline who leaves this week to head north. She's weaving her way through north England before she starts her new job in Edinburgh, Scotland. Happy travels, Caroline, and may your job start super well.

It was a most lovely afternoon of sipping, snacking and delightful socialising.


smcwilliam said...

Wow! Doesn't time fly! You must have been having a lot of fun!
What book have you been reading? I am looking for a good book or two or three. ;)
The scones and tea and sun were great! Even if it nearly landed in my lap on several occasions! The train did take it's merry time that day, but not as much as the buses back did! That was ridiculous!
Ah, good friends, good times!

kelgell said...

I'm reading a sci-fi trilogy. The first book is called The Book of Deacon by Joseph Lallo or something like that. The first one i got as a free download from itunes.