20 May 2011

working days

Never have I had a job that keeps me working 40hrs a week. It sounds like a lot but honestly, it doesn't feel like a lot. I get every weekend off plus three days a week I get 5hrs off in the middle of the day and one day I get about 8hrs off in the middle of the day. Does it even sound like I work?? Yes I do. I mix vegetable concoctions, sit in the sunshine chatting kiddy talk, take a walk along the beach front with the fam to the tea gardens to meet another family for a cuppa while the kids play, read books, run around on the green grass, make crazy sounds and silly faces for a laugh, receive sleepy baby snuggles and sloppy kisses and a whole lot more. :P

My weekly pay also includes keeping grumpy babies happy, attending the twins through the night two nights a week, dealing with a whole lot of 'why's and 'what's (and often being asked again two seconds later coz she didn't listen), messy meals, cleaning lots of bottles, helping do loads and loads of washing (dishwasher and clothes) every day, and of course changing pooey nappies and sometimes clothes as in the case of this morning's atomic bomb of explosions.

Unbeknownst to us, T sat happily in the walker, kicking about and chirping away. Only when I decide to move him over to the table while we have breakfast do I spot the aftermath. His efforts had squished the poo out the side of his nappy and being in his legless pjs, onto the floor where he probably had a fascinating textural experience squelching it around the wooden floor. (Thank goodness it wasn't carpet!) He did manage to get the walker he sat in, the beanbag beside him and in my moving him he got the fluffy white rug. I took the culprit and left the mum with the scene. Needless to say our breakfast was interrupted for a good while. What a clean up job! For compensation the kids did give me a lovely afternoon while I had all three to myself as I adjusted a rope swing so that S could reach it and use it by herself. It was gorgeous sunny weather and S was thrilled with this new set up and played for ages like a monkey in the treetops while her brothers were thoroughly entertained just watching.

So after all this working I'm getting up before the sun tomorrow to fly to Ireland for a little weekend holiday. :)

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