31 May 2011

spring birthday no. 2

It was my second spring birthday yesterday. My first was when I lived in the USA in 2007. Normally, being from Australia, my birthday is in Autumn. The family I work for here were very kind letting me 'lie in' though I was awake early and took the opportunity to read a few birthday greetings online. In the morning I took care of the twins while the parents and toddler went out. It was a busy morning but the boys were very cute too. I cooked myself some nachos for lunch which I ate outside in the on-again, off-again sunshine (but warm all day). The others stayed out for lunch. By 2pm I was done with work--another kindness from the family for my birthday. Ordinarily Monday's are my long days of all day work with a night shift attending the twins.

I had one present to unwrap--and thankfully I saved that from when it arrived a week before hand as it makes me happier if I can unwrap something ON my birthday. I knew what it was and even had seen a pic of it because it's what I suggested my sister could knit for me. Ooo they are sooo nice. Lovely and soft and interesting. I didn't really need to wear them yesterday but I did anyway.

In my afternoon off I went for a stroll to find a cafe but darn the Bank Holiday, most places were closed. I was surprised that cafe's would be mostly closed with people off wandering about. I ended up going to the pub overlooking the sea and had myself a delicious southern comfort and cola while I worked on one of my knitting projects. I finished off the leaf pattern of my pixie beanie. ^^ Now I'm just onto the decreasing.

When I got home again I went and hung out in the backyard with the fam and the friends they had over. Then we had dessert and they brought out the cake I had bought and sung me Happy Birthday. It was a yummy lemon drizzle cake. Just a little one I found for less than £2. Later I checked online and replied to more birthday wishes before being picked up for Forge.

Forge is a craft group I've been going to organised by a local church where people come along and do all sorts of things. Whatever project they're working on. Last night I took along on of the wedding projects I'm working on for the upcoming wedding I'm attending in Germany. I also took along fudge to share since it was my birthday. It was enjoyed by all even though it was a bit of a flop--literally. I think the cooking chocolate here is softer than ours back home so will have to add more chocolate next time. I'd also mentioned to someone earlier that it was my birthday that day so I got a little carrot cake there and the song again.

Back home before I gave the boys their dream feed, I replied to the birthday wishes I had received. My birthday was nothing grand (the grand part was my weekend in Ireland--see previous posts) but it was pleasant with pockets of mini treats.

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Vi said...

I like your top, Kel! :-)