03 May 2011

blenheim palace

On the way home from the Cotswolds we stopped by Blenheim Palace for a look. We started up stairs but S got scared of the lifesize, computer-automated puppets. So they left me to view it by myself. It was about the stories of the people who built it and lived there.

After I found them in the cafe and ate some lunch I took what time I had and almost ran around the bottom floor. Sadly I think the bottom floor was more interesting but I didn't have time to take a good look at all the grandure and the room that Winston Churchill was born in.

It was interesting but they don't let people take photos inside. Pfft. Was a bit annoyed with that. I bought a postcard of one of the interior rooms so you can see. It was all so large and lavish. I was quite impressed with some of the paintings and how some of them filled the whole huge wall.

After my quick run around I darted back through the gift shop and jogged most of the way across the grass to the car. Then we returned the rest of the way home.

A monument in the park looking from the courtyard entrance of the palace. Can't remember what it's there for.

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