01 May 2011

the cotswolds family holiday

Early Easter Sunday morning we packed into the car and headed off for the Cotswolds. Now what I can gather from the vague descriptions my bosses gave me (they weren't sure either), the Cotwolds is an area north-east of London that is famous for its yellow cotswold stone buildings. It's quite a relaxed and pretty place scattered with picturesque villages. We stayed in Broadway in a modern lined antique house.

The top end of the high street in Broadway

Our holiday house

Standing flatfooted and the lovely kitchen with the low ceiling

The house was definitely old style with its low ceilings (I could stand on my toes and push my head on the ceiling in places and had to duck some doorways and ceiling beams), wonky floors and mazelike routes through the house with stairs all over the place. For me this was a working holiday. Mostly I worked afternoons and evenings. I either went wandering in my time off or joined in what the family was doing that day.

One day we went to Bourton-on-the-Water (the water being a shallow creek that runs through town...pfft) and we had tea and scones with jam and cream for the mum's birthday and then went to the model village of that village.

The giant S wandering through town

Another day we went to the Cotwold Wildlife Park which was quite impressive. Apart from feeling tired and it being windily cold, it was a very nice day out. I always enjoy going to zoo-like places and seeing the animals. I got to see some wolves and chameleons which I don't think I've ever seen live before. The wolves were even entertaining.

Me and the fam heading toward the restaurant

The wolves wandered and howled for us ^^

S and the mum looking at flamingoes and a chameleon.

I also got some knitting done. Quite a bit. Picked up my Pixie Beanie again so it's not far off finishing now. It was a nice little holiday. Tiring as I didn't get to sleep enough but I'm happy with how pleasant this family is to be around.

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